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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I found out two days ago..

Well hello there, Blogspot!
Bear with me, I have never had a blog before but this decided to be a pretty fun opportunity to engage with some sassy ladies who also happen to be expecting.
Let me begin then..
I am guessing I'm around 8 weeks along but cannot know for sure until I see my doctor on the 19th and he sets up whatever blood tests I need done to determine conception and due dates.
Right now the majority of my time is being consumed by finals and school-related responsibilities. I'm in my second year of community college
basically because I totally messed up in high school and ended up with a GED and no credits, hence I must attend a local school first to gain acceptance into the uni world.
I'm majoring in Journalism.

While I am talking about myself so much, allow me to continue:
I'm 19 years old.
I am indeed with the father. We live together, have been dating since May but like to joke that we went from being best friends to being married overnight.
We are planning a wedding for two Halloweens from now.
The father's name is Ollie. He's 21 years old, an artist, musician, teacher and amazing individual overall.
He's taking amazing care of me and had morphed into what we're calling "Papa Bear" mode which entitles lots of rest, massaging, food and cuddling for me. Thus, life in our house is very happy.
Ollie would have supported my decision either way in deciding whether or not to keep this baby but I did not have one second thought and we are now planning our lives around our baby to come.
I am white, mostly Welch, British and German on my mother's side but I'm 50% Ukrainian due to my mother's family.
My father is a Silicon Valley programmer turned pizza maker turned Priest. It's a real trip to me that he became a minister considering the fact that my brother and I were not raised religiously at all, but I am happy he's found his calling.
My mother lives in California which is where I lived until I was 13. She's a hopeless stoner, but a wonderful person.
I have many step-brothers and random siblings, but my 18 year old brother is my best friend.

I am the editor in chief of my college's literary magazine and I am a staff writer and possible editor of the school newspaper as well. My future position as the paper editor in chief is in jeopardy considering I would be seven months pregnant by the end of the semester should I choose to stay in school for the next term.
I guess I discovered I was indeed pregnant later than most accounts I'm reviewing since I can consider myself lucky that I never experienced morning sickness or nausea of any kind. I was clued into the possible new tenant in my insides after my breasts became more sensitive than I'd typically enjoy, I was moody and bitchy, I was exhausted constantly and my boyfriend finally introduced the idea that I could possibly be expecting.
I did not believe him for a second.
Then two tests proved me wrong.
Now I'm pitching forward in SOME kind of emotional rush, sure to puzzle even the most advanced logicians which never seem to experience pregnancy, wussies.
I'm in some fog of the following:
Ready to tell the world/Having to suppress the urge

We're already looking over birthing options, classes, vitamins, covering all the lists of Do and Do Not foods and supplents and such. I'm sad to see that a variety of herbal tea is no longer okay. On the other hand, it's far more relieving to know that a cup or two of coffee a day is acceptable.

I guess I made this blog to view how other alternative parents go about their lives.
Yes, I am pregnant but I am not about to get involved in some pretentious community with a bunch of PTA moms preaching to me about the Miracle of Life and Mothering is a Gift and whatnot..While all that is well asn good, I wanna hear vomit stories, the real deal on pregnancy and how to survive a show, unharmed.
That seemed a good entry, I'm off to meet some people!
Love, Gizmo


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